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free sap sd trainingToday we decided to start a very interesting endeavor – create Free SAP SD Training Course that is completely online. This course will cover all the standard aspects of SAP SD (Sales and Distribution) module of SAP ERP system, and perhaps we will even try to touch some of more advanced topics in configuration, extension, and debugging of SAP SD. This training course will be created by an expert SAP SD consultant with 10 years of experience of working on numerous SAP implementation, roll-out, and sustain projects.

We know that there are already a lot of SAP SD training courses out there. First of all, SAP Education offers its own official training courses. They available both with classroom delivery and online (see our post about classroom vs online training). The main problem is that these courses are so expensive that very few people can actually afford them. So, unless your SAP training is paid by your employer, you probably will not consider training courses offered by SAP Education. Apart from SAP Education, there are hundreds of independent companies and freelancers that offer SAP training for lower prices. We even created a special directory on our website that lists most of the companies offering SAP SD training. Finally, if you search the Internet, you will find thousands of websites with online tutorials about learning SAP SD.

So, why do we still want to create this SAP SD course if so many alternatives (paid and free) already exist? 🙂 Three reasons:

  1. Paid courses are expensive and not everyone can afford them. As a result, SAP becomes a closed world where not everybody can enter. But we believe in free education and want to offer it to everybody.
  2. Free SAP courses and tutorials that one can find on the web are really not good. So, one cannot actually learn anything from them.
  3. We came up with a great idea how to make SAP training more effective and useful for real-life situations. The idea is to use SAP Best Practices for structuring the training and explanation of concepts.

How to Follow Our Training Course

We are going to start our training course today and continue adding new lessons on a weekly basis. So, if you decide to join our course, it will be really easy to do it in your free time because regular study will not take much time. You don’t need to register anywhere. Our SAP SD course is available online and for everybody completely free of charge.

Syllabus and Structure

As we mentioned above, we decided to base this course on SAP Best Practices. SAP Best Practices are preconfigured packages with standard business processes that are considered to be the best way to manage these business processes in SAP ERP software. Besides configuration and master data these packages contain documentation with guidance about implementation of these packages in SAP.

How to Access SAP Best Practices Documentation

Since this course is based on SAP Best Practices, you will often need to refer to them. SAP website is sometimes difficult to navigate and also they often change URLs of pages. First, go to SAP Help portal. Next, navigate as shown on the screenshot below.

Access SAP Best Practices

Access SAP Best Practices

This tutorial will be based on Best Practices for SAP ECC 6.0. You need to click this node in the menu and select the latest version of baseline SAP Best practices package on the next screen. The baseline package is localised for different countries. They are slightly different but 90% of business processes are the same. In this free SAP SD training, we will be using the baseline package for Russia (as an example) because this country has fairly standard logistics processes and we recently executed an implementation project for a company from this country.

Select the latest SAP Best Practices package

Select the latest SAP Best Practices package

Syllabus of Free SAP SD Training

Our free SAP SD training will be organised around important business processes in sales and distribution. These business processes (there are 20 in total) are documented in SAP Best Practices and each week we will look at one of them. Just click on the title of a business process to be taken to the page with the training module related to this process. Each training module will include business background for this process (which is very important to understand because good functional SAP consultants know both IT and business aspects of using SAP) and technical explanation about configuration in SAP that is necessary for implementation of this business process.

The links below will appear gradually as we create this course. So, if there is no link, it means that we have not developed this training module yet. Please be patient and subscribe for our newsletter to be notified about updates.

Module 1: Getting Started with SAP SD

Tutorial 1.1: SAP SD Organizational Structure

Tutorial 1.2: How to Create SAP SD Inquiry

Tutorial 1.3: How to Create SAP SD Quotation

Tutorial 1.4: How to Create SAP SD Contract

Tutorial 1.5: How to Create SAP SD Sales Order

Tutorial 1.6How to Create a Scheduling Agreement in SAP SD

Module 2: SAP SD Master Data

Tutorial 2.1SAP Customer Master Data

Tutorial 2.2SAP SD Material Master

Tutorial 2.3SAP Customer-Material Info Record

Tutorial 2.4SAP SD Conditions Master Data

Tutorial 2.5SAP SD Output Master Data

Module 3: SAP SD Sales Customizing

Tutorial 3.1SAP SD Sales Document Types

Tutorial 3.2: SAP SD Item Categories

Tutorial 3.3SAP Sales Organization

Tutorial 3.4: SAP Distribution Channel

Tutorial 3.5SAP SD Division

Tutorial 3.6SAP Sales Area

Tutorial 3.7SAP Sales Office

Tutorial 3.8SAP Sales Group

Tutorial 3.9: SAP Shipping Point

Tutorial 3.10Assignment of Plant to Sales Organization and Distribution Channel

Tutorial 3.11SAP Sales Document Flow

Tutorial 3.12SAP SD Copy Control

Module 10: SAP SD Business Processes

  1. Sales Quotation Business Process in SAP
  2. Sales Order Processing: Sale from Stock
  3. Sales Processing Using Third Party (without Shipping Notification)
  4. Sales Processing using Third Party (w. Shipping Notification)
  5. Free of Charge Delivery
  6. Credit Management
  7. Returns and Complaints
  8. Advanced Customer Returns Management
  9. Sales Order Processing for Prospect
  10. Sales of Non-stock Item with Order Specific Procurement
  11. Debit Memo Processing
  12. Foreign Trade Export Processing
  13. Customer Consignment Processing
  14. Returnables Processing
  15. Cross-Company Sales Order Processing
  16. Sales Order Processing with Customer Down Payment
  17. Sales Third-Party Process with Subcontracting
  18. Sales: Period End Closing Operations
  19. Credit Memo Processing
  20. Sales Order Processing with Collective Billing
  21. SAP SD Tables

Your Questions and Feedback

When studying this free SAP SD course you will certainly have some questions and feedback. Since we are experienced SAP consultants, some things and concepts seem to be obvious for us but it might not be the case for beginners in the SAP world. Please don’t be shy and ask your questions using the comments sections that are located at the bottom of each page with training materials.

We hope that you enjoy learning SAP SD with us! 🙂

Video for Introduction to This Free SAP SD Training Course

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