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free sap mm trainingSAP MM (Materials Management) is one of the fundamental modules of SAP ERP system that is implemented in most of the installations of SAP. This module is related to the logistics part of SAP solution. Our team at ERP Certifications developed a free online course that will help interested people to learn SAP MM by following our free tutorials.

This training course is currently under development. You can browse selected modules of this course using the links below. New links will be added over time.


Module 1: Getting Started with SAP MM

Tutorial 1.1SAP MM Overview

Tutorial 1.2: SAP MM Organizational Structure

Tutorial 1.3SAP Procure to Pay Process

Tutorial 1.4SAP Stock Transfer Order and Stock Transfer Process

Tutorial 1.5Subcontracting Process in SAP


Tutorial 1.6Vendor Consignment Process in SAP

Tutorial 1.7SAP Movement Types

Module 2: SAP MM Master Data

Tutorial 2.1SAP Vendor Master Data

Tutorial 2.2SAP MM Material Master

Tutorial 2.3SAP Purchasing Info Record

Tutorial 2.4SAP MM Pricing Conditions

Tutorial 2.5SAP Mass Maintenance (MASS Transaction)

Module 3: Procurement Process

Tutorial 3.1SAP Purchase Requisition

Tutorial 3.2SAP Request for Quotation (RFQ)

Tutorial 3.3Convert Purchase Requisition to Purchase Order in SAP

Tutorial 3.4SAP Purchase Order (with Reference to RFQ)

Tutorial 3.5SAP Purchase Order Acknowledgement

Tutorial 3.6SAP Material Valuation

Tutorial 3.7: SAP Inventory Valuation

Tutorial 3.8SAP Goods Receipt for Consumable Material

Tutorial 3.9SAP Goods Receipt for Stock Material

Tutorial 3.12SAP MMBE Stock Overview

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13 thoughts on “SAP MM Training”

    1. Mr.Ramanathan,
      Happy to write you here..
      Nice of your intentions towards learning SAP MM. If you have relevant work experiences like in Procurement/Inventory/Production etc, would be easy to understand the process flow in AP R/3.
      SAP MM is one of the finest & important module in SAP ERP, very vital in manufacturing and trading industries as it mainly dealing with “Procurement” & “Inventory management”.
      If not, no worries, if you have a desire, just proceed through proper training from SAP Authorized Center’s like Atos, Lithan Genovate etc.Kindly write me, in case you looking for more assistance on it.

      Mani, SAP MM

  1. Hy I m really interested in sap mm and I want to get in asap plz can u help me which institute is best and I want to get regular classes in a good institute and how much the cost would be.

  2. Sir,

    I am working in material department interested in SAP MM online training. Can you please help with some more information

  3. Hello Sir/Ma’am,

    I am Radhika, working as a procurement professional and using SAP MM in my organisation to smoothen my work. But now I want to make my career as SAP MM consultant.
    Request you to please guide me how to proceed further.

    Thanks & Regards,

  4. Hey ,

    I work in wind industry for GE as Lead project Engineer, i am trying to get a break and looking for a change in another industry far this learning SAP MM could help me in securing next job. Is this SAPMM is like a development curse like creating a new products



  5. Sir, Am Ganesh S
    I Hv one year experience in MM module as a end user. And I attended 2 months course in that.
    So Nw am looking for SAP MM consultant job plz give me some suggestions.

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