SAP HR Training

sap hr trainingWelcome to the free SAP HR Training Course created by volunteers from ERP Certifications. In this course, you will learn SAP HR (HCM) module from an absolute beginner to advanced level. SAP HCM and SAP HR are two names (new and old respectively) for the module of SAP ERP software that is responsible for human resources in companies. SAP HCM is considered to be one of the core modules of SAP ERP and our online course will help you to learn it.

Our course is completely self-paced, so you decide yourself when you start and finish learning. And, it delivers an excellent value for a free course.

Module 1: Getting Started with SAP HR

Tutorial 1.1: SAP HR Basics and Navigation

Tutorial 1.2SAP HCM Organizational Structure

Tutorial 1.3SAP HCM Personnel Administration

Module 10: Additional Topics

Tutorial 10.1SHD0 – Create a Transaction Variant in SAP

Tutorial 10.2SAP Ad Hoc Query – How to Create Ad Hoc Reports?

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