Free SAP FI Training

Learn SAP FI (Financial Accounting) for free with this free SAP FI Training course. The training course consists of a series of SAP FI tutorials that will help you to learn SAP FI module on your own pace.

Module 1: Getting Started with SAP FI

Tutorial 1.1SAP FI Organizational Structure

Tutorial 1.2How to create a company code in SAP

Tutorial 1.3What is the Variant Principle in SAP FI?

Tutorial 1.4SAP Fiscal Year and Fiscal Year Variants

Tutorial 1.5: Currencies in SAP

Tutorial 1.6: SAP Exchange Rates

Tutorial 1.7SAP Exchange Rate Tables

Tutorial 1.8SAP Chart of Accounts

Tutorial 1.9SAP G/L Account Segments

Tutorial 1.10SAP Balance Sheet and P&L Statement Accounts

Tutorial 1.11SAP Account Group of G/L Accounts

Tutorial 1.12SAP Field Status Variant

Module 2: SAP FI Documents

Tutorial 2.1SAP FI Document Types

Tutorial 2.2SAP FI Document Structure

Tutorial 2.3SAP FI Posting Periods

Tutorial 2.4SAP FI Posting Authorization

Tutorial 2.5SAP FB50 Transaction Tutorial

Module 3: SAP FI Master Data

Tutorial 3.1SAP Bank Master Data

Module 4: Accounts Payable in SAP FI

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