How to Learn SAP for Free

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How to Learn SAP for FreeHow to learn SAP for free? It is a good question and everyone who wants to find a job in SAP world should be asking this question before considering any paid training opportunities. The official way of learning SAP is SAP training courses provided by SAP Education (a division of SAP that is responsible for training and certification). However, these courses are quite expensive and not everyone can afford them. Of course there are cheaper alternatives – non-official SAP training institutes that provide SAP training for smaller price. There are two problems with non-official SAP training providers: (1) they are still expensive, (2) there is a high chance of encountering a fraud institute that provides low quality training. So, if you decided that official training from SAP or from third-party institute is not your thing, than what you should do?

How to learn SAP for free

How to learn SAP for free? Hmm… Actually, there are many options and we will consider each of them in a separate section.

SAP Websites

There are a million web sites that are focused on SAP. The problem is that it is hard to find a good introduction for people who have zero knowledge of SAP and it is hard to find a coherent introduction where one concept builds on the next (training classes we mentioned in the beginning are better for this purpose). Naturally, the following list of SAP websites is not complete, but at least we strove to include all the most popular. It would be nice to update this list if you guys can write your favorite websites in the comments section.

SAP Books

Although books are not free, comparing to the cost of SAP training, their price is negligible. Moreover, you can use them later on for reference as well. On our website there is special section where good SAP books are collected and reviewed. Although now we only have SAP SD books, SAP FI books and SAP MM books, our collection will be expanding in the near future.

Overall, it is possible to find a way of how to learn sap for free, without investing a fortune into SAP training. We will continue publication of useful resources that provide information about all aspects around SAP. This article is only beginning :)

Hands-on SAP Practice

Besides theoretical knowledge you also need to practice with real SAP systems. Unfortunately, it is not possible to install SAP on a regular personal computer because this system has high hardware requirements. Also you need to take care about expensive software licenses. The good news are that you can access SAP remote servers (running SAP IDES) for free for 72 hours. While it is not a very long time, you still can manage to do some practice and it is free! You can request access for access to SAP servers here: SAP IDES. This free service is provided by a company called Ivobe.

Update 1!

We have written a follow-up post about 10 free SAP tutorials available online. They should also be helpful in learning SAP for free.

Update 2!

SAP has launched SAP Learning Hub that provides online access to SAP handbooks. It also has free edition. Make sure to check it out in more detail here:  Free SAP Training with SAP Learning Hub.

Update 3!

We’ve launched a new free SAP SD Training course. If you ever wanted to learn SAP and in particular its Sales and Distribution (SD) module, this is the best time to join our course and study SAP together with us.

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97 Responses to "How to Learn SAP for Free"
  1. sreenivas says:


    Iam looking for sap job

  2. Gerdyim says:

    Thanks for the post! It is a nice starting point for those interested in learning SAP.

  3. Preeti saxena says:

    I am Preeti Saxena. I have completed my MBA(PG Diploma, from symbiosis) in finance. I heard about SAP and want to know that would it be beneficial to me or not. As my background is not Accounting and I did MBA through distance learning and I worked in BPO n KPO for approx. 4years. But at the time I am not working and looking for new opening. If I will learn SAP, would it be helpful to me as my age is approx.33yrs. And approx. how much salary I can get through SAP. And what would be the starting salary. And from where I should learn it?

  4. venkat says:


    My Age is 40, My Qualification is M.Com., I have 10 years above Software Marketing Experience.., Now i am planning to move from my job. Is it right time for SAP-SD learning in my life, Actually i am planning for go to SD-CERTIFICATION. If i complete my Certification, shall i get job? Is there any Age problem. Please guide me. Thanking You…

    • Cleo Isco says:


      If you switch your career to SAP, most of your previous work experience will become irrelevant. And you will have to start from the scratch. It means lower salary and difficulties in finding a job. I am not sure whether learning SAP now is the right career choice for you. This is the best advice I can give based on the little information you provided.


    i am rahul having 2.5 year of experience in finance and accounting just a commerce graduate but i have worked on some modules on user level and sap-FIas of work profile required .But sap is the field i want make my career into so what efforts it will take. is their any coaching classes i need to take for become expertise in sap ???

    • Cleo Isco says:


      The best way to learn SAP is to practice as much as you can. You can also start by taking some SAP training classes but be careful with choosing a training provider. Read reviews first and then decide!


  6. paul familara says:

    what’s your facebook page pls. i always wanted to learn SAP. thanks more power

  7. Deepak says:

    Hello. I am a MBA grad from Canada. I do not have much computer knowledge and do not have any programming knowledge at all. I was looking to learn SAP. I have never used SAP or learned it. Which certification would you recommend I take, I am leaning towards SAP HCM. Can you please help me, telling me if this is a good scope and which certification to take and does it require a lot of computer knowledge? Thank you.

    • Cleo Isco says:


      In your case, I would first consider SAP training and only then SAP certification. If you never had experience of working with SAP, you definitely need some hands-on practice and learning with a real SAP system. Therefore, you may be interested in our SAP Remote Access service. It gives an opportunity to practice with a real SAP system without the necessity to purchase the licence or have powerful hardware.


  8. Abakar Ibn Moustapha says:

    I want to learn SAP online for free…can u just explain i can start to learn SAP, as right now, I know

  9. jegatheesh says:

    i new for this field ….. i have no experience …. i want know hope for sap in india….

  10. Nasim says:

    SAP/ERP is the present and future feild. It is highly paid as a consultant as well hourly based job. I will advise you go for it. This subject very hot in western world.

  11. ichiro says:

    Hi, I know Japanese language and im have done my graduation in accounts now im planning to learn SAP FICO. Is it good for me? will it help me to find job in japan?
    Pls reply me sir

  12. Mohan says:

    Hi All,

    Am visiting this site for the first time.
    I find it so helpful and thanks for all the replies to the queries above.
    I do have a query.
    Am currently working on the cloud erp suite.
    basically i want to learn the ERP functionalities in modules SAP SRM or SAP MM.
    I look to become a functional SAP SRM / MM consultant so kindly suggest me where can i find the configuration documents and also practice it.

    Best Regards,

  13. Roy says:

    m just started BS in software engineering..i wonder if learning SAP ‘d at all, be beneficial for me?
    kindly guide me. And if it does, where to start from?

  14. gauti says:

    Hi, I am an IT employee, I dont have programming knowledge and dont want to learn programming, Pls. let me know which SAP training will work for me.

  15. keba says:

    I need training for SAP..But honestly i cant affort it.can you help me please.

  16. Tribikram Behera says:

    Hi Clio.

    I was wondering whether there is a Cloud computing/Virtualization like Module in SAP. I am looking for a IT Infrastructure profile in SAP as i do have experience in Windows 2003, 2008 R2 and Virtualization(certified candidate too). I have heard of BASIS profile but quite doubtful of it.

    Please do advise.

  17. Amir says:

    I got my Master in Accounting. What is the best path to learn and get certification in SAP for Accounting.
    Is there any special way for Cost Accounting?
    Thanks, Amir

  18. Piyush says:

    Hello,I am piyush,i want to learn sap,bt i dont know about this,tell me about this how we can learn this,from which website,about completion this without certification, can i get a job,plz do advise.

  19. Deepthi says:

    Hi , I have trained in sap abap, can you please post some real time scenarios on some topics and which website has free online training on webdynpro,please reply me.

  20. mabaso says:

    can you please show me step by step for Sap id!.

  21. Samuel George says:

    I want to learn SAP online for free…can u just explain i can start to learn SAP, I know

  22. Jof Villaruz says:

    Hi! I would like to know which online sap courses I could take to enhance my background on SAP. I am an accountant by profession and I am planning to put up my own BPO company. i would like to refresh my knowledge about this software and at the same time learn more.

  23. Tamal Biswas says:

    Great article. Thanks for the article. But SAP IDES link is not working. Can you plz update it? Thank you…

  24. Himani says:

    I just need to know if we can get a certificate after the training and is it actually for free?

  25. Akshay Suthar says:

    I wants to pursue SAP certification form Home. is there any way to download SAP University Free edition and attend certification exam by desired fee…

  26. fahad says:

    I’m an computer science engineer i want to do SAP
    but which module will be suitable according to the current market
    plz suggest me

  27. Prathamesh Akolkar says:

    Hi , I did my SAP-ABAP certification .Got one year experience on an implementation project,got an good exposure on core ABAP.
    Now I want to learn something new in SAP. I want to go SAP-HANA SAP-FIORI .Can you through sum light on what SAP-HANA is an can it help me in my carrier…

  28. Rohit says:

    I am Rohit. I want to learn SAP MM module.
    Can I get the Link?
    What will be the Cost & Duration?

  29. RUPA RAM REBARI says:

    Hello. I am a Employer in Binani CementLTD. I do not have much computer knowledge and do not have any programming knowledge at all. I was looking to learn SAP. I have used SAP or learned it. Which certification would you recommend I take, I am leaning towards SAP HCM. Can you please help me, telling me if this is a good scope and which certification to take and does it require a lot of computer knowledge? Thank you.

  30. viditha says:

    I’M looking for SAP HR do mine job, but i have to learn free sap course can u suggest the website please ..

  31. rehan says:

    Hi, i am blind and working in reputed IT company , i want to learn SAP finance , iis it accessable with JAWS screen reading softwere .

  32. che pride derghdang says:

    i am a student Accountant studying in cameroon can i have sap training here in cameroon

  33. dev says:

    Can u suggest some institute in Bangalore for sap bpc & fico course?

  34. Aulidio Caligui says:


    i want to enroll so i can practice SAP online but i dont have the Visa iam wondring if you can provide me with your baking details so i can depositor transfer the money then send you the payslip?

    Iam looking forward to hear from you back soon



  35. Rajitha says:

    Hi I am very interested to learn SAP BI course. At present, I am a Master’s student but unfortunately I don’t have computer science or management background, But Is it possible for me to settle as business analyst, I already joined for sap training but unfortunately the trainer didn’t teach anything to me because he doesn’t know anything again I cannot join for the course next time because it is expensive so I am learning from you tube channels . Is it possible to get job in sap bi as I don’t have any experience in sap field.

    thank you

  36. geetha says:

    Hi how much cost for SAP FI CO module online certificate

  37. Gaurav says:

    HI, I am Gaurav and willing to learn SAP FICO Module
    Can you please let me know about the costing of modules.

  38. venkat says:

    I am venkat and willing to learn fico module I did complete MBA finance have good computer knowledge and 2 years of experience in tally good .but now I am learn which modules suitable for me please suggest .

  39. Bilal Hassan says:

    I am Bilal Hassan. I am doing my MS In Business Administration. I did M.COM. I want to learn SAP Software. Is it right for me or not. Please guide me.

  40. Imran says:


    I have MSc in Project Management from the UK with first degree in Textile Engineering form Pakistan. I have five years of experience working in Social Development Sector. I am already 29 years old but I would like to go into the Field of SAP, Please advise what would be the good starting Point though I have taken a course of SAP in my MSc PM. Looking forward to your kind guidance


  41. rajkumar says:

    I want to learn SAP online for free…can u just explain i can start to learn SAP, as right now, I know

    • savita says:

      I want to learn SAP online for free…can u just explain i can start to learn SAP, as right now, I know


    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Can you please tell me the cost structure of learning SAP. I am Pursuing CA and I am a CA Final Level Student and know about the opportunities after learning SAP.

  43. Shakir says:

    Good Evening All,

    I have completed B.CA and have 4.7 years exp in finance field. I would like to learn SAP for better career. Please let me know which SAP courses will help me to upgrade my career? Please advise.
    Thanks In Advance…

  44. baligh says:

    hi I am really new to sap want to learn it for free at least for the beginning can you please help me.thanks

  45. John says:

    Thanks for the information,

  46. SK PRAVEEN KUMAR says:

    i am new to sap , just started to work in a company,i have been learning abap for 1 month and they have put me in crm team.
    i find it really difficult to get good materials to learn from the internet.
    could you suggest me any books related to ABAP and CRM.

    • Aja says:

      SAP PRESS has a ton of great books on ABAP! Getting Started with ABAP helps you learn the basics of ABAP and you’ll write your first program. There are other great books for when you become more advanced. They also have two great titles for CRM. SAP CRM: Technical Principles and Programming and SAP CRM: Business Processes and Configuration. I would check those out. Head to!

  47. deepali says:


    I am currently working as an end user in SAP MM & PM module. Please suggest me some basic book for MM module before going for certification course.

  48. RAKESH DIXIT says:

    My Self Rakesh Dixit. I have completed MBA in finance from SMU-DE. I have Twenty years of experience as an Accounting & Finance in Government Department. I want to learn SAP online for free…can u just explain i can start to learn SAP, as right now, I know

  49. Kurian says:

    I took the training in SAP back in 1999 from Sapient college (Siemens) Chennai. But couldn’t clear the certification exams. Since SAP demand was very poor at that time I ended up in my are – Oil & Gas sector in Canada. I worked with one of the Oi & gas producers, Suncor Energy(Petro Canada), almost 7 years and used SAP(PS) as an end user.

    I am basically mechanical engineer but worked as a project manger and now the oil & gas area looks bleak in the long run. I am 44 now, Is it a good idea to revisit SAP for career change.
    I have in depth experience in business process such as project services, production and material management etc.


  50. asha says:

    I have 2 years of experience in Recruiter,basically i am BE(ECE),So i want to coordinate my career with SAP HR.So SAP HR will helpful for me.Plz suggest.

  51. riteshdubey says:

    I am Ritesh dubey . my qualification is and CA final .I am working in CA firm .I want to know that SAP is better is my carrier

  52. Ignacio P says:

    Hello, I am Ignacio,
    I know about SAP, but I don’t have any experience with it. I have a finance background, and I know how important is the SAP in all international private corporations,
    I would like to know from your point of view if i would be able to learn finance module (SAP FI) just reading one of the books that you are offering, really would it be a good approach?
    thanks a lot

  53. chiranjeevi says:

    If you are from hyderabad, and wanted to learn workflow then contact on this number. +91-7075926314.

  54. Parthipan says:

    Am from mca ..BT currently am wrkng n SAP end user level with 1 yr exprnce. Kindly suggest me wt I should study n SAP to set my carrier.

  55. Jasdev Singh says:


    My name is Jasdev Singh and i have 10 years of experience of BPO. In this field i have 5 years of experience in SAP end user profile and rest 5 years of Banking. I have already done the SAP FICO course from some local institute, however not able to find the job.

    Please suggest.


  56. Shauna says:

    Hi I’m a BSc accounting and finance graduate. I want to take the SAP FICO certificate exams, please could you suggest a most recent published book for this course. I am planning to do self study.

  57. Mansa says:

    i have done MBA in Marketing and HR and i have 2yr of experience as Payroll Executive.i wanted to do SAP course but i dont have any idea about this plz let me know which course will be suitable for me and from where i should do?

  58. Manish says:

    I have been working as a recruiter for the last two years. Now, i’m planning to learn an ERP, so first of all I’m confused which ERP should I go, either SAP or Oracle.
    Second thing , which module should be good for me, as I’ve 2 years in recruitment, so willing to start in HR/HCM module.

    let me know your thoughts please.. Thanks in advance.

  59. harikrishna says:

    I have 6years of experience in inside sales in different implementation partner company. i want a course in SAP my qualification is +2 only.

  60. preeti says:


  61. preeti says:


  62. Henribrfr says:

    you did not mention the last generation SAP trainings with simulators.
    I know only 2 companies producing such trainings: Aasken (Sweden) and Michael managenet (US).

    Both are good
    Just test their previews and compare

  63. Pankaj says:

    Dear Sir,
    It’s Very helpful for me know about the SAP .

  64. amit says:

    Hi.. I m pursuing MBA IT, age 37, work ex z irrelelevent bt wanna to do SAP course. Please guide m what to do to get good job in US or Dubai

  65. sunil says:

    Some of institute are providing the FICO courses for 20k and telling 100 % providing placements and duration of course is 2 months ( weekend classes ) , is that really helpful to get a job as SAP consultant
    or it is just fake?
    As a middleclass men, it is not possible to pay 3.35lakhs for courses in reputed coaching centers.
    i have 2 years of experience in Accounts payable as a SAP end user. i am really willing to learn the SAP and to be as a consultant.
    so kindly suggest and give me best option to get into SAP as a consultant

  66. Umashankar says:

    Hi,I am Umashankar..Presently iam working in an automobile sector as an vendor development-materials….what is the basic module in sap??? Where do I learn it for free???how it can be helpful for my upcoming career?????

  67. Thilanka Madhushanka De Silva says:


  68. martina says:

    need to learn SAP

  69. Andrew says:

    Plse help with free training on sap fico using dummy software, which sites have these resources, once mastered then can approach accredited sap partners for certification.

  70. Gaurav mehta says:


    I am doing job as a PPC Engineer in automobile company in manesar(gurgaon). I have 2.4 year experience. Can SAP learning improvize me to getting a new job with gud sallary package. And if yes then what type of certification I have to learn and from where?

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