SAP FI Questions

SAP FI Questions

SAP FI Certification Questions

We have received a request from SAP to remove all sample questions for SAP certifications and for this reason the questions are not available anymore.

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  1. Anirban Sarum says:

    Hello Friends,

    I have cleared my certification exam on the 5th of June! I really appreciate the effort that the authors of this website put to prepare SAP FI questions for practice before certification. Thanks for all support and suggestions I have recieved from them! I will highly recommend all SAP FI aspirant to go through the premium set of questions.


  2. Anand Attavane says:

    Hi Anirban,

    That is very good to know as I am planning to take the FI certification exam. How many hours did you have to put in for preparing for the exam say, per week and how long should one be ideally preparing for the certification exam in order to be successful. Many thanks for your helpful input.


    • Anirban Sarum says:

      Hi Anand,

      I used to spend around 4 hours per day preparing for SAP FI certification (I could not put more hours because of my job). I think that one month is a good time to prepare. You can do it faster but then the pressure is high. Best luck with certification, it is not so difficult when you are prepared!


      • Anand Attavane says:

        Hi Anir,

        Thanks for the quick response and may also ask you what study materials you did you rely to prepare for the exam besides ERP certifications premium Q&A. I am planning to read TFIN 50_1 and TFIN 50_2. Do you think that will be sufficient? Thanks a lot.


        • Anirban Sarum says:

          Hi Anand,

          Sorry for the late response, a notification about your comment went to my spam folder. Yes, these are the main books to read. On SAP FI certification also there are some questions about Solution Manager, so it good to read SM001 book as well. I hope my response is not too late :)


          • Anand Attavane says:

            Hi Anir,

            Your response is not at all late, as I have a long way to go to take the exam with two hours day to study with full-time job and commuting. I will also read the sm001 as well. But what about TFIN_52? The SAP says that would be covered as well? Thanks.


          • Anirban Sarum says:


            I meant TFIN50 and TFIN52 books. I did not notice you wrote TFIN 50_1 and TFIN 50_2. What are these? I’ve never heard about them…


          • PANKAJ says:

            Dear Abhiram
            Could you please guide from where we get sm0001 books
            SAP in FI do not provide the books for sm0001



          • Anand Attavane says:

            Hi Anirban,

            Sorry for the late response. The TFIN50 is broken down into two binders TFIN50_1 and TFIN_50_2 and is taught over two weeks where as TFIN_52 is one course and taught in one week. I am still studying these materials and preparing..

  3. Pankaj says:

    Hi I am taking the fi exam next month many people say the study material that will be sufficient to clear the exam what is your openion how many question shoud we prepare to clear the exam

    Thank you


  4. Deepa says:

    Hi Pankaj,

    Read SAP Certification material at least 5 times.Certification Study Material is Bible for preparation.
    Continuos and regerous studies will help you in achieving the certification.


    • Anand Attavane says:

      Hi Deepa,

      Did you mean that we have to go over the SAP Academy training materisl TFIN50_1, TFIN50_2 and TFIN_52 5 times? That’s quite a bit of time you need to prepare. Thanks.

      • Deepa says:

        Hi Anand,

        FOr the first time to complete all the books is time consuming but from 2nd time onwards it will not take time.

        You never know from which corner of the book you will get the questions.

        If you are experienced then may be you will not take time.Because many things are known to you in advance.

        Im SAP experienced and have read all the books 5 times in 20 days and cleared certification exam with 96%.

        So concentrate on study material and try to read as many times.DOnt break the continuity in between otherwise you will start forgetting the things.



        • Anand Attavane says:


          Congratulations on clearing the exam with distinction and many thanks for your valuable advice.

          Anand Attavane

    • jai says:

      Hi Deepa
      I am planning to give P_FINACC_66 Professional level certification.
      1. Is 2 weeks of study adequate?
      2. I have only the following material tfin50 & tfin52 (yr 2006 printed). Would this be adequate?
      3. Pl suggest on preparation along with relevant links for practice questions / groups.

  5. chy says:

    I am an SAP user in FI expecially billing and stock reporting.I want to get the certification.What benefit will the cerification be to it going to make me an SAP consultant?I am just looking for additional skill thats my motive.

  6. Neeru Sharma says:


    I just wanted to say thank you so much for your help. Its so nice of you to go out of your way to help out.

    I asked Cleo if there is any way I can get one file for the free questions posted on the website. Currently those questions are broken into multiple pages so I have to go one by one. I really appreciate that he sent me a PDF file with all those SAP FI questions.


  7. Nikhil Rao says:

    Hi everyone,
    Really pleased to find an active forum addressing the first steps twds sap certification for newbies like me.
    I plan to gothrough thecourse next month.i dont have prior experiencein sap so m leaving no stone unturned & trying in every possible way to know and understand the screens in sap.
    Could anyone please tell me if it is actually a requirement that one should havea handson experience in using this application in order to get certified, or is it just a fact that such anexperience only enhances yourlearning and helps you grasp things quickly?
    In anticipation of your kind reply…..

    Many thanks…

  8. Sneha says:

    Hi Deepa and Anand,

    Can you help me getting the study material TFIN50_1, TFIN50_2 and TFIN_52 as I am planning to give SAP FI certification.

  9. Pratima says:

    I am preparing for SAP FI certification exam.Apart from study material where can I find scenario based question banks.Anybody has a clue….pl reply.

    Many Thanks

  10. FI Certified Wannabe says:

    Hi Cleo,

    I will be sitting for cerfitication C TFIN52 65 next month.
    just 2 questions:-

    1. Is it worth it to get the premium sets of questions?

    2. Can I get a refund if I did not pass the exam?


    • Cleo Isco says:


      1. Speaking from the positive experience of our customers, yes, practice with our sample set of SAP FI questions is beneficial.
      2. Yes. As it is stated above we offer 100% money back guarantee.

      • FI Certified wannabe says:

        Thanks Cleo,

        I have just bought the premium question, given that I have roughly a months time, should I focus fully on studying the questions or should I still read through other notes?

        Thanks again for the advice.

        • Cleo Isco says:

          Thanks for your purchase!

          I’d recommend to focus on studying TFIN50 and TFIN52 books now. Then, one week before the exam start practicing with the sample questions. Good luck with your SAP FI Certification!

          • FI Certified wannabe says:

            Hia Cleo,

            Thanks for the advice, just wondering, after I paid via paypal, then the webpage refreshes and I downloaded the FI question Set #1.

            Is that the only set?

            The website said it will send me an email for the link but I didn’t receive any.

          • Cleo Isco says:

            Thanks for you purchase of SAP FI questions! Do you use Gmail? Please check you Spam folder, our message could be mistakenly classified as spam:( Please let me know your findings.

  11. Ibrahim says:

    no comment yet

  12. I am interested in paying for the SAP .FI certification questions and answers, but I do not have a credit card, bank wire and also do not have a paypal account. I only have a valid debit card. I am a Nigeria. What do I do inorder to get the material for the exam?
    Please reply.

    • Cleo Isco says:

      Hi! Thanks for your interest in our SAP FI Questions. It does not matter if you have a credit or a debit card. As long as you can pay with this card in the internet, it can be used.

  13. PR says:

    Hi Cleo,
    I have purchased Premium Preparation set1 for SAP FI.Just wondering is there any more sets like this?
    If yes, how do I get it?


  14. FI Certified wannabe says:

    Hia Cleo,

    Found it in SPAM folder, thanks!


    Dear Friends,
    I just compete my classroom taring from one institute ON SAP-FI. But,I want to certify on it. How can i take preparation. Please help me guys and give me some advises ,how can i achieve my goal.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Tapas Chowdhury

  16. Saleem says:


    Some good contents, I want to know whats so unique regarding FI Questions and Answers that are on sale for $25, after all there are tonnes of Q&A online on SAP certification subjects free of charge.

    • Cleo Isco says:


      The key differences of the premium SAP FI questions preparation pack are:

      • It has both answers and explanations
      • The experience of 800+ people who practiced before the certification with this pack shows that their success rate is above 90%
      • It does not have typos and errors
      • There is no risk for you. If there is no result (you cannot pass SAP FI certification), we will refund you 100% of your money.

      Good luck with your certification! :)

  17. Viraj says:

    Hi cleo,
    I hav completed d instructr led training on FI in Oct dis yr and appeard d exam on Nov 8 . Bt i didnt clear as i got 63 %. I m reappearng next month. Can dis premium questions really help me as nw i dont want to jst pass bt i want to score realy good. Please advise …

  18. Viraj says:

    as now i dont just wana pass d exam bt i want to score realy good..
    Please advise…

  19. Vikas G says:

    Hi All,

    This is Vikas from India. I would like to know about the SAP Fico certification from Dubai directly. I have 3 years of SAP Fi end user experience and also i have gone through the inhouse training from an local institute. Please let me know the certification fee and their instructions. I really inspired from the above reviews those who already certified from SAP.

    I really appreciate if you can advise me on SAP FI certification process.


  20. Hi Cleo,

    I have no experience in SAP domain. But i am really interested to pursue SAP in FI.

    I have enrolled in a local institue for SAP FICO Module today. I observed few things from our reviews that we need to have basic knowledge initially, i believe which i have.

    Once i complete the course i will go through Premium SAP FI Question model paper n two more books TFIN_50 @ TFIN_52. Is tat sufficient?



  21. Minal says:

    Hi All,
    Please help me to find the latest version of study materials or e-books of TFIN50 & TFIN52.And Please provid me the details of examination that where can I give my exams for SAP FI CERFICATION?

    Thanks & Regards,

  22. Hello Guys pls advice me…

  23. Vikas G says:

    Hi Cleo,

    Please advice me on SAP FI certification.

    Thanks & Regards,

  24. Vikas G says:

    Hi Cleo,

    This is Vikas from India. I would like to know about the SAP Fico certification from Dubai directly. I have 3 years of SAP Fi end user experience and also i have gone through the inhouse training from an local institute. Please let me know the certification fee and their instructions. I really inspired from the above reviews those who already certified from SAP.

    Thanks & Regards,

  25. Sandeep says:


    I am planning to take up FI-CO exam probably next month. I am working professional and have close to 1.5 yrs of SAP FICO exp. Do i need to take up the exam outside & get only study materials from here? OR Do they even conduct the exams & provide study materials also?

  26. Sandeep says:

    Hi Cleo,

    I Suppose you didn’t get my query. As explained above in the starting paragraph, I can only get only the premium question papers…..but from the certification point of view, Do I need to take up the exam outside & get only papers from here?


  27. Krishna Ramanuj says:


    I will take certification C_TFIN52_65 next month, just wanted to know

    1.In your premium set, Other than 80 certification question, does it include topic wise or set wise question

    2.Could we make payment through debit card

    3. Is there any negative marking for wrong answer and the pass percentage is 62 or what


  28. Sesan says:

    Hey!!! I just bought the SAP FI premium exam, am writing the exam nextweek but i was sent only the set#1. Am i suppose to expect Set#2 or that set#1 will be enough to pass the exam? I want to pass this exam once….Please

    • Cleo Isco says:

      Hey Sesan,

      Thanks for your purchase! Yes, currently we only sell the set #1. We plan to offer more SAP FI premium preparation sets in the future.


      • Sesan says:

        Thanks Cleo for your response. I suppose to write the exam 4th of april which is approximately 7days from now but I just got a mail that the exam has been postponed till 11th of April which in 2weeks time. My question is will this question still be helpful or I have to purchase another one since am writing the exam in 2weeks time now.


  29. A says:

    hi All,

    I have completed by OLT in SAP Fi module..and now I want to give the certification exam..while doing OLT the version was ecc6.0 and ehp5 ..wad is the latest version is it ecc6.0 and ehp6

  30. Satya says:

    Hi next Week I going for TFIN52_66 Certification. Now I am reading TFIN50, TFIN52 & FI premium set which is purchased from ERP. Is this stuff OK for me to go for the exam. Pls reply me.

  31. Satya says:

    Thanq I will get back to you, once my exam done

  32. Abhi says:

    very good collections you have on FI questions.. thanks for sharing

  33. Sumi says:

    I am planning to write SAP FICO C_TFIN52_66 certification next week(yet to book the date). Do you have the set of questions and answers for the same. Also if the questions set didnt help me to clear the certification will i be able to get the refund?. Thanks for your time and reply. Eager to do the certification!!!

  34. joji says:

    Hi for very one

    only question where and when the exam please give us for location of exam and website or time table

  35. B says:

    i want to certification questions of SAP FI Module

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